Thursday, December 17, 2009

Generation of Paste Eaters

This is one of those things that makes you want to say "hmmmmm". Really. I grew up in the early 70s and I recall for whatever stupid reason, kids my age (6-7) had this curiousity of eating paste. Why? I'm guilty, I did it a few times myself. I asked my husband (we are the same age) if he too was a paste eater...low and behold he was! Now that I'm an adult I think back to that age and ask myself what was so intriguing about sneaking a finger into the jar of paste and then sticking a dollop of that white mysterious stuff into my mouth! What was on mind! Anyways having children myself, I realize when shopping for school supplies I no longer see paste for sale on the shelves. At least I don't notice them. I see all types of glue but don't see that jar of white paste. it because that generation of paste eaters have ruined it for this generation? And what repercussions are we now experiencing because of that white gooey stuff. Holler if you too were part of the paste eating generation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The OutHouse

X Group Design's OutHouse is for the temporary insane, brain dead or just bored and want to excuse themselves for a minute and let it all out. Lets keep it clean though. There are times when we go off the beaten path and our minds wander off to a place that sometimes we don’t even know why we are there but anyhoo we like to talk about it and share some of our insanity and laughs with you. And we want you to share your craziness with us and blog it out on our toilet paper needed.

Glad you can join us for some laughs.